Golf is our favorite course.


I wasn't sure I was going to like these gloves but I do! I love the grip material on the palms, it really keeps the club positioned properly in my grip. The microfiber makes them very comfortable in hot weather and I LOVE that you can just pop them in the washing machine and let them air dry and they are perfect! 


This practice golf set comes with everything you need to perfect your golf skills. I bought this set to work with/teach my son the fine tuning of the chipping game, but I find myself using it to work on my game. Practice balls, tees, and a fairway turf all included. For the price this truly is an all included practice set.. hit em few and far!


The Gold Flex training is an excellent training aid. I bought it early in the year before golf season and swung it 50-100x a day and use it before every round at the range. This year my distances improved and I lowered my index from upper to lower teens!


Great practice mat. I like the fairway turf for hitting irons off of with no wrist pain or bounce. Clubs go through turf very easily. I went with the larger mat so I can stand on fairway side and hit off rough side.


The Potty Putt is the perfect little joke when it come down to some one who loves golf. My husband actually opened and tested it. The quality is ok, not expect it to last forever but it did keep my husband busy for like 20 minutes in the bathroom. Recommend if you have more than one toilet at home only.



The only thing better than being on the green is saving money.